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Advantages Of Olive Oil In Urdu

Olive oil has long deserved gained popularity in today's world . It is usually used in medicine and cosmetics, as well as salads, is used for cooking. Intellectual improve the performance of its beneficial properties, the structure of the skin and hair, reduces cholesterol in the body, improves digestion, normalizes, strengthens bone tissue. This treatment was called long-lasting products that are useful. However, in order not to disappoint the product, it must learn to choose. To do this, you should carefully evaluate the color of the label to learn and olive oil. This is one of the key components of a quality product.

Choice classification

The classification of olive oils produced accepted definition. Using this, you have the product in a sealed package, you will appreciate the quality. Elegant and natural pom-ace, shops and hypermarkets represented three product groups. Oil, natural (virgin) - Quality arguably the last group. There are high quality, but it can not compete with the first of them a little lower refined oils. Po-mace (pom-ace) is produced from purchased scrap. Either they have a certain amount of oil, "compressed" are treated with special solvents, or the raw materials squeezed in a centrifuge, will be placed. It should be noted that the natural low-pom ace oil to taste. section above the group - not that simple.

That could complicate the task of your choice, there are additional changes in mind. So mechanically harvested ripe olives hand-labeled bottles of Extra Virgin product is obtained. Virgin This oil is of better quality. While 2% may be a component of conventional natural fat addition, it is low quality acidity (less than 0.8%) is. Some manufacturers of branded goods can be delivered. As a rule, these oils are specially marked, and she talks about the quality of goods. pure (refined) production may be different names. Even if the recordings: light olive oil, olive oil, pure olive oil or olive oil refined. We, of course, certain advantages over the refining of oil. This is a less intense taste and aroma, but when heated the oil does not oxidize or carcinogenic. So pick one frying.

Choice label

Other products, such as oil producers and it spilled a bottle of any contains information about the place. The quality of oil production and is considered one of the country has been bottled. Ideally, in the same packaging. Careful you do not have all the information on the label of the product. If it is not spilled oil development in these countries, do not buy oil. Perhaps it was not adopted in their country. Another important criterion - the time of the collapse. Oil taste has changed over time, so do not buy a product with a great recipe. Glass (shaded) - the most suitable container for olive oil. This is in accordance with the oxidative processes in the sunlight passes and does not reduce the quality of the oil.

Wonderful & Great  Benefits Of  Olive  Oil 

The olive oil is beneficial not only because of their food, but it also has extraordinary healing properties and healthy.

Although today has lost the divine character that was attributed in the past, represents the new myth of health and concern for a healthy and balanced diet, especially spread the concept of the Mediterranean diet.

What are the qualities that make the olive oil synonymous with health?
The olive oil is an element half food and half medicine, because it causes very beneficial effects on the digestive and cardiovascular systems of the human body and delays the oxidation processes.

The olive oil is an excellent ally for the health of body tissues. Used since ancient times by many cultures (Egyptians, Romans ..) to care for, beautify and tone the body, olive oil has recovered now functions as a balm beauty and cosmetic centers cosmetic or massage.

  • It is rich in vitamins A, D, E and K and enhances the absorption of minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium ...

  • It's the best fat for infant feeding and provides a list of fatty molecules similar to breast milk.

  • Improved control of blood pressure and helps control the level of glucose in blood.

  • Avoid heartburn and facilitating intestinal transit. It is effective throughout the digestive process.

  • Reduces the risk of heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases by increasing the amount of good cholesterol.

  • It is rich in essential fatty acids, which help to restore the natural moisture levels of the skin.

  • The latest studies on human cells show evidence of protective effects on cancer.

  • Prevents degenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and acts against aging thanks to its high amount of natural antioxidants.

  • It has a remarkable tonic effect of the epidermis.

  • It is a useful body lotion that is used for performing therapeutic massages.
  • Its main component, oleic acid, is a constituent of cell membranes and skin.

  • Protects the skin from external environmental factors, moisturizes, keeps the structure of the dermis and integrates regenerates.

Color selection

Just pay attention to the color of olive oil is not quite right. This is influenced by many factors: the degree of maturity of the olives used, the accumulated time, additive. A product with a slight bitter green olive greenish color. He, of course, quality. Ripe fruit, sometimes with a tinge of purple, yellow oil goes. The dark brown oil is finally ripe fruit, a sweet taste. Different oils are mixed-quality oils, they are more attractive aroma, rich taste and aftertaste are unique - you know.

Buyers have a simple method to learn about the quality of any oil - put the bottle in a cool place. Put the butter in the fridge and if it looks white crystals obtained, which shows the quality of the oil will be clear. Dad will not change. After defrosting resets the organoleptic properties of the oil.

If you pay attention to the class of product to choose the right olive oil so that its acidity, color and packaging provide details. The above rules as everyone else can do the really high-quality olive oil.

There is an olive tree in the garden at home Bilgah, straight in front of the house. The garden area of ​​the 60s of the last century, my father planted the first olive tree was the same. Picture Even the trees are common in childhood. The olive tree has to look tall.

 Also, do not collect, as well as the ground shook and tear fruits
The tree of all the relatives, friends and acquaintances share fell. Even some of my colleagues never dadmayan olive oil had eaten ham product into the tree, every time I asked these olives. Previously, the tree would have served my father, would gather the crops, duzlayardı, recently passed the baton to me.

Crop yields 40-60 kg of wood per year. A portion of the collecting myself, who wants to rest. Every year I hear the same questions acquaintances: what time you need to collect the olives? How draw his nap? How many days should be washed? How much salt should be?

Olive oil as well as the range of the market, as well as an increase in the population of interest in these oils, "which give preference to oil?" The question was raised.

The tree of all the relatives, friends and acquaintances share fell
Friends who want to plant olive trees on a plot of land. Of course, the questions are placed in the queue: What type of olives us plant? How should serve a tree? Let How much water do? ..

Olive evergreen subtropical fruit plants

Olive (Olea) subtropical evergreen plant. Pip fruit ripens, it becomes dark purple or black color. Farm importantly, European olive (Olea euraea). The subtropical climate of this plant are found in all countries. Europe - Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Portugal, Africa - Morocco, Tunisia and the former Soviet Union - in the Crimea, Krasnodar, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, countries in the Middle East, Iran, Iraq and Pakistan cultivated. Recently, olives and even the Americas, specifically, are grown in Peru and Mexico said. Olive can say so, and the area of ​​distribution, usually in saffron, olive growing space ends. In other words, the likes of these two plants of the same sub-tropical climate.

Olive's 80 known species; Agostino them, Askolano, Nikitski II, can be divided into categories such as Azerbaijan. Olive lowland Karabakh in Azerbaijan, Barda, Agdam, Fuzuli regions, as grown, but the main attractions of this plant in Absheron, the olive tree is an ideal environment here. The first olive farm in the (No. 2 state farms) Zığda established in 1949-50. Then two more of this type of farm (number 1 and 3 state farms) was built. In addition to these farms - Bilgah "Saffron" collective farm and state farm in subtropical olive orchards have been reinforced. In 1988, the total area of ​​2.6 hectares of olive gardens, whether it was 1038 hectares of productive areas. Council of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic "on the further development of the olive plant," dated April 1, 1986, the total area of ​​4.6 hectares of olive gardens in Abs heron decision No. 120 was supposed to deliver.

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